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SurelyGH (Eric Afotey Odai)

Surely GH focuses on serving the populace with credible and quality information. The blog is one of a kind that probe into issues to feed the public with authentic news, headlines, trending activities as well as quality entertainment, profiles and campus life. News are reported as they exactly happened.

We bring you varieties of culture in our settings, as Ghanaians and African as a whole. Updates are provided on the various scholarship position for students.

There is also a unique aspect where we aid and enlighten you on how to get basic skills, which can earn the public income if taken serious. This centers around handy-works which may be technical or knowledge based.

Surely GH has the public at heart and thinks of eradicating ignorance in the society, in a unique way. We urge you to stay with us, get to know more, learn and have fun.

Surely GH is open to the world, to have business with you. So feel at home, contact us and we will be at your service.